Daily Program

There is plenty to enjoy without diving gear just by snorkeling in the red sea.

You don't necessarily have to strap on gas tanks to see spectacular sights beneath the surface. All you need are a mask, flippers and a snorkel. This lack of cumbersome equipment can be liberating. It encourages a long, languorous approach to underwater exploration, stretching it out over a day rather than compressing it into a limited hour or so.

Discover the mesmerizing waters of Aqaba. Strap on your snorkel, grab your guide, and jump in. There is so much magic just underneath the surface!

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Aqaba has 23 dive sites, 21 of them lie within the boundaries of the Marine Park and each one of them has its special feature and unique character. They can only be appreciated by putting on your diving gear and losing yourself in the warm, enticing waters of Aqaba`s unique coastline.

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving programme is a short try-diving experience for adults and children aged 10 years and older. This introduces you to the basics of diving, but doesn’t certify you as a diver. The ‘DSD’ is usually a one-day or half-day activity, so it’s a great option if you’ve been thinking about trying SCUBA for a while but don’t have much time while you’re on holiday. It’s also perfect for building up confidence in the water before jumping straight into a full course.